Summer gallery Katariina is here again

Art livingroom Katariina is open 2.7.-12.8.2018

In Katariina one can find unique work and small series of local artists and craft professionals of South-East Finland. Katariina is open Mon-Fri 11-18 and Sat 11-16 in the location Katariinantori 4, fortress of Lappeenranta.

From me there are a small collection of easy peasy pieces made out of recycled rubber. There are necklaces and earrings (with silver hooks) on display. One can purchase them also in museokauppa Sulotar and Täky Galleria in Lappeenranta, Finland and Myday-byday concept space in Rome, Italy.

kaulakoru, Rajakallio Tiina
Fun to wear, easy to store and clean. Necklace made of recycled rubber by me.

Summer exhibition Rajattomuus in Kuusisto Art Manor

nettle biscuit of Villikahvila cafe
Refreshments after driving through the country to see the exhibition Rajattomuus. A nettle biscuit of Villikahvila café.

In Kuusisto, Kaarina (Western Finland) there is an old manor house that shows contemporary art during summer. Also one can treat herself with the goodies of café Villikahvila. How does a nettle biscuit with currant jam sound like?

The exhibition Rajattomuus is open 23.6. – 5.8.2018 and the artists are: Henna Aho, Henna Aho ja työryhmä, Julie Dixon, Susanna Judin, Selma Haro, Marjatta Holma, Sirpa Häkli, Virpi Lehto, Lotta Leka, Marianne Palonen, Merja Pitkänen, Tiina Rajakallio, Niko Skorpio, Maaret Syväoja ja Katja Öhrnberg.

Linnanrauniontie 577, Kuusisto, Kaarina

Oui, c’est vrai! NOD: On Full Volume in France

NOD: On Full Volume showing pieces of 30 artists
NOD: On Full Volume showing pieces of 30 artists

NOD – Not Only Decoration is a platform for art and design projects which focus on social and environmental issues. Its exhibition On Full Volume is travelling to Lille, France and will be seen in Alliages gallery. The exhibition will open tomorrow Friday 15th of June 2018 at 18 o’clock.

The exhibition is open until 15th of September 2018. Address: Alliages – 111 bd. Victor Hugo – 59000 LILLE – France

Exhibiting artists are Alexandra Hofer, Ana Carolina Escobar, Annamaria Mikulik, Bar Elias, Cedric Chevalley, Chimajarno and Michele Tajariol, Christian Quiceno, Dan Russel, Elisabeth Habig, Fabiana Gadano, Hallie Scheufler, Hebe Argentieri, Juan Harnie, Katharina Reimann, Laura Jack, Laurin Kilbert, Mariolina Mascarino, Monica Lecouna, Monica Wickström, Nassrin Vessalian, Nicole Taubinger, Rachael Colley, Rill Greenfeld, Sandra Julve Marín, Stacey Huang, Stephie Morawetz, Tamara Zecevic, Tiina Rajakallio, Wiebke Pandikow and Zeta Tsermou.

Exhibition is open from 16th of June until 15th of September 2018 at Alliages.



@Lokal Plus

window of lokal
The window sill of the pop up shop for contemporary jewellery at Lokal Plus

There has been a small pop-up exhibition of contemporary Finnish jewellery at Lokal Plus space, Annankatu 11, Helsinki. It is still open on request until Wednesday. Artists: Helena Lehtinen, Janna Syvänoja, Jenni Sokura and Tiina Rajakallio, Anna Rikkinen, Ulla Ahola, Sirja Knaapi and Eija Mustonen, Nelli Tanner and Inni Pärnänen. Welcome!



Baltic Jewellery News

Antonio Altarriba wrote an article about the new art center Itä of Lappeenranta, Finland for the latest Baltic Jewellery News magazine (March 2018, No 34). I had an honor to have one of the opening exhibitions there and here is the text about it (page 76-77). More info about the art center Itä


Tiina Rajakallio, exhibition Toinen risteys at art center Itä, 2018
A view of my exhibition Toinen risteys at art center Itä, 2018

Art Sale at Kaapelitehdas, 10.-18.3.2018

Can we already call it a tradition? An art sale of Finnish Jewellery Art Association at Valssaamo, Kaapelitehdas in 10.-18.3.2018. In same time with the art sale of  Finnish Painter’s Union and The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo.

The address is Talberginkatu 1 c, 00180 Helsinki and the opening hours Mon-Fri 12-18, Sat-Sun 11-17. Welcome!


Not Only Decoration: on full volume at Cbijoux

NOD-CBijoux-2018_facebookfullposter copy

NOD, is a global collective of makers who create pieces that contest and discuss ethical consciousness across many topics from environmental to social. In the exhibition at Gallery Cbijoux there are works from 30 artists to be seen.

List of artists:

Alexandra Hofer (AT), Hallie Scheufler (USA), Monica Wickström (FIN), Ana Carolina Escobar (FR), Veresa Eybl (AT), Bar Elias (IL), Juan Harnie (BE), Monica Lecouna (AR), Laurin Kilbert (GER), Alessa Joosten (GER), Rill Greenfeld (IL), Nadine Now (AT), Ying-Hsien Kuo (TWN), Zeta Tsermou (GRC), Stacey Huang (CHN), Tamara Zecevic, Kata Sangkhae & Cherry Boonyapan (THA), Sandra Julve Marín (ES), Cedric Chevalley (CH), Katharina Reimann (GER), Eleanor Kerr-Patton (UK), Dan Russell (UK), Chimajarno and Michele Tajariol (ITA), Yael Friedman (IL), Nicole Taubinger (CZ), Nassrin Vessalian (IR), Christian Quiceno (CO), Laura Jack (AUS), Stephie Morawetz (AT), Holland Houdek (USA), Igor Knezevic (USA), Tiina Rajakallio (FIN)

Gallery Cbijoux – Rue du Coppet 8, Monthey, Switzerland 1870