The selection of my M.F.A. work at Ädellab of Konstfack 2008:

I have worked with purity and dirt thinking of their physical, spiritual and ritualistic meanings. The subject is tightly connected to human body. One description for dirt is that it is substance in a wrong place. Material itself is not dirt, the question is more about the values and symbolical meaning we give to it in different situations. What have been seen dirty varies through ages and cultures but my opinion is that widely speaking dirt is something that is opposite to valuable practices and conventions of the community, something that differs from the idea of normal in order wanted. So it’s good to remember it’s only a human description.

I find it interesting how Western people try to get rid of the physical dirt so effectively that have started to get sick in too clinically clean environment. Here the subject is seen through health and hygiene and it doesn’t talk about religion or believe systems anymore. Maybe the spiritual meanings have decreased but the subject is not only visible in physical level, for example it shows inequality in our society.

Many of my work you can see as collections of different kind of dirt e.g. from the ground, human body and our culture with shapes and materials talking about purity combined in aesthetic ways. Important is to put the piece on; feel the itchy hair on sides in comparison to the cold smoothness of porcelain on your neck. When wearing the piece on one gets close to his own notions and believes; maybe get afraid, amused or disgusted and let the piece leave it traces. Also, when putting the piece on one allows to it its final purification.

Think about all the effort we use to get rid of dirt, and still it is something that make us human!