Selection of the works:

“Tiina Rajakallio’s work Unho is about forgetting as a part of remembering. Things get frighteningly lost and changed in our minds, there are empty spaces, black holes; moments we have no image about anymore. Rajakallio has been focusing on the aspect of catching the lost memory, using forms suggesting the handles, the vessels – abstract and concrete at the same time. The materials (mostly wood) have been treated in a different manner. Rough natural surfaces of the branches, slip surfaces carved and painted… You’ll be able to reach your memory… or it will slip away from your hands. The colour palette is delicately natural; except the deep dark ultramarine blue associated with the subconsciousness, the unknown and far away. There are necklaces and brooches to be found in Rajakallio’s series, somehow familiar and strange.”

– from a prologue of the catalogue Dark and Sweet, 2011